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disney: esmeralda whee
Sleepy, but managing to keep up with iconaday despite having days when I come home from work and go straight to bed.

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10th-Jan-2009 03:46 am - nevi ☁ colorful & artist's choice.
love live ☊ nozo

This was by far one of the most colorful pieces of fan art I have. It's from 4th Gauge, and I actually remember that, so I'll give credit where credit is due. 8D;

Anyways, for this icon, I focused on making the colors pop as much as I could. I changed the values of the magenta, red, and lime green. I toyed around with the idea of making a border, and eventually settled on doing the slant-y concept. Malik was sort of leaning that way anyway. ;X

I am incredibly attached to the fact that their is a blade on the end of the Sennen Rod and believe that it is simply not seen nearly enough. Too many AU RPs left me missing it, so since it was up to me to pick what I wanted to do, I went with that. I ended up with this image of Yami no Malik because I liked the angle of the shot.

This icon is a color of messing with the levels of duplicating the first layer of the image and screening it (my trick for lightening almost every image), selective coloring, changing the levels of hue/saturation, and adding on a blood texture to make it more adorable violent. The blood texture was added with 'color burn', which left it looking brighter (and hopefully, fresher).
9th-Jan-2009 10:05 am - Fickle: five theme icons
disney: esmeralda whee
Guess what fantastic discovery I've made? The updates to iconaday happen while I'm at work, or asleep, thanks to me being in Europe while the mods are in America. Anyway, that means that I tend to get the icons done last thing in the night, and post them quickly before crashing, which means I haven't had time to update with the actual process behind the icons.

But now, just for your reading pleasure, here's a quick run down on the last 5 icons I made, my opinions on them, and the tricks of the trade that got them looking the way they do.

5 icons and explanations under the cut.Collapse )
love live ☊ nozo
I'm starting to think that I should just do giant posts once a week or something. Either way, two more again and I missed one. Oops!

I originally wanted to do the scene where Malik got his scars, since I figured that was a good example of everything changing in him, but I was too lazy to search for screencaps I didn't already have, so I went with this image. Since I tend to do a lot of selective coloring, I'll go more into details of what I changed with this particular icon. Basically, I drained all of the yellow out of the white and added changed a few of the levels in the gray (mostly yellow and magenta). I like to completely change the colors of pictures. *~* It makes me feel like I'm doing more than I am.

Here's something I thought I'd never do. Tendershipping is one of my least favorite pairings in the Yuugiou fandom. I chose this image because while the theme was "take me home tonight", I liked the idea of a more emotional theme for the challenge. Oh, gosh, but they don't need emotion together. *bricked*

Anyways, this was a fan art image from who knows where. Either way, the website is linked in my resources post at mayship. Since the original image was in black and white, I colored it in Photoshop. My coloring is incredibly basic -- I basically fill in selections, hit multiply (or whatever looks best), and change the opacity until the color is what I like. The color scheme chosen was picked because it's my favorite combination of colors ever.
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